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Take a Mindful Breath

Your breath drives everything. Every movement in yoga and every moment in life should follow your breath. Make space for the breath. Take time to simply breathe.

If you are interested in yoga practice, the first thing you need to learn is how to breathe.

Watch this video and practice the two most commonly used breath exercises in yoga.

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The Breath is the One Thing We Can't Live Wihtout

And yet most of us never pay attention to our breath. There may be times when we even forget to breathe! 

Your Breath Is Your Most Powerful Tool

You cannot control life but you can control how you respond to it. Your breath is your #1 tool for resilience to whatever life gives you. Make your breath work for you.

You Have a Finite Number of Breaths

At some point in life you will take your last breath. You don't know when, so make each breath count.


There are two main techniques yogis use in their practice.

These are the foundation to all aspects of yoga.

Start your yoga journey with your next yogic inhale.


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